Yellow Page Consultant Streaming Media PPV Production & Hosting

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Situation Analysis

Merritt Mattson is a yellow page advertising consultant. He and his partner, Donna Sheibley, travel across America presenting a seminar called The Other Side Of The Yellow Page Story to sales reps who sell TV, radio, cable, newspaper, or magazine advertising and to business owners who buy Yellow Page ads. The purpose of the seminar is to show how Yellow Page advertising budgets can be restructured to fund other forms of media advertising.

Each year, the travel schedule takes a greater toll on the trainers' bodies. It gets harder to get up in the early hours of the morning to make an airline flight. The feet and legs hurt more now after a day of standing to facilitate a course. In the busy season, they're often asked to be more than one place on the same days, but they can't clone themselves to meet the demand for their time.

Yellow Page Consulting LLC recognized that streaming media delivery of their current onsite seminar delivery could help ease the travel burdens and produce passive income for the trainers.


The first challenge we faced was how to translate a live, instructor-led, interactive training session to video. Because many people will view the streaming video presentation in isolation, it was important to determine how to fully explain all topics and do so in a way that keeps the viewers' interest.

We knew that we needed to put the typical day-long Yellow Page conversion workshop into a video presentation that was not too long, dry, or boring. We needed a video presentation that could be divided into segments and viewed at intervals without losing the overall concept of the training.

We also faced the challenge of delivering the written materials that accompany the video training to the viewers. This includes the Yellow Page training manual, the Yellow Page pricing manuals, and numerous related handouts.

A final production challenge was encountered that delayed completion of the project by three months. The client originally commissioned a local television station camera operator to record one of his live sessions. Since the operator was working without a director and did not have a vision of the completed product, the recording quality was unsatisfactory. Cypress Media Group's professional video production team was retained to record the live session again with a high definition video camera operated by a professional and guided by an experienced audio-visual director.


We produced a comprehensive sales training tool that any broadcaster or newspaper company can use to train its sales staff. This online training video can be paid for by simply converting one or two Yellow Page display ad budget savings to other media. All other budget conversions go straight to the viewer's bottom line. With the production of this streaming video training solution, a media company of any size, U.S. based or international, will now be able to have its sales staff learn The Other Side Of The Yellow Page Story when and where they desire.

This streaming video has also reduced the trainers' travel costs, which also saves the media clients money. In addition, it allows a media company to free up its sales staff time by receiving the streaming video training on their own time.

An added benefit for media clients is the availability of this online tool to provide "catch-up" training to new hires who have not attended the live version of The Other Side Of The Yellow Page Story. It also serves as an excellent refresher for the veteran sales staff.

Reshooting the video with the professional Cypress Media Group production team improved the lighting qualities of the video and allowed the trainer to focus more on the key training issues. The professional director cued the trainer so that each segment was recorded in a manner that enabled the editor to create seamless transitions from one segment to the next. The editor then produced four balanced segments that can now be used by media companies in multiple training classes and sales meetings.

The material delivery challenge was solved by creating a user manual that includes the necessary steps to compel business owners to think like a consumer rather than a brainwashed directory ad buyer. This manual, along with the eighty-two page training manual, will be sent to the streaming video subscribers after they place their order.

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